Men's Clean Kit

Men's Clean Kit

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The Aspect™ Men’s Clean Kit can be used twice daily to get clean, and when shaving to get clean cut. Features 4 key products to clean, soothe and protect men’s skin:

- Purastat 5 effectively removes imbedded dirt and daily residue without drying the skin
- Extreme B 17 calms skins frequently exposed to harsh environments, and doubles as a soothing post-shaving balm
- Exfol L 15 gently sloughs away dead surface cells, to reveal smoother and more even-toned skin
- Hydra Shield SPF 15 is a lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser that doubles as sun protection 


Ideal for all skin types, especially dull, dehydrated & those concerned with ageing.


Aspect™ Purastat 5 240ml
Aspect™ Extreme B 17 15ml
Aspect™ Exfol L 15 15ml
Aspect™ GOLD Hydra Shield SPF 15 112g