What is permanent make-up?
Permanent makeup — also known as Cosmetic Makeup Tattoo or Cosmetic Tattooing — is becoming increasingly popular in our modern world. The rise in this kind of treatment has been mostly due to the fact that cosmetic tattooing allows people to enhance their individual features and look their best on a daily basis with a minimal amount of effort.

As the name suggests, cosmetic tattooing offers a permanent makeup solution. Therefore, everyone should consider their options carefully before proceeding with this treatment.
The procedure involves depositing pigments into the skin using a small, pen-like machine that inserts small quantities of naturally sourced colour material into the skin. The pigment remains in the skin indefinitely, however the colour may fade over time and it may be necessary to re-touch the tattoo in the future.
Cosmetic Tattoo procedures should only ever be performed by a qualified beauty expert with specific cosmetic tattoo experience and skills. The skills and equipment used in Cosmetic Tattoo treatments are quite different to traditional tattoo artistry. There is also an extensive range of cosmetic tattoo colours and products available for various tattoo areas on the face and body, making it vitally important to consult with an expert technician such as Georgene Donegal, to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Cosmetic Makeup Tattoo: Does it hurt?
Every person has a different pain threshold, and yes, the procedures can hurt one person more than another. But in most cases, the results of cosmetic makeup tattoo far outweigh the short period of discomfort involved. Most clients describe a tickling sensation or a feeling of slight irritation rather than real pain.

Common pain control products are usually used for all clients to alleviate any discomfort during and after the treatments. Generally, the area is numbed prior to the procedure, and an anaesthetic gel is applied afterwards — together they are very effective.
You may also wish to take oral pain relief prior to having a treatment. In the case of a lip treatment, most practitioners will also organise a local anaesthetic, which is administered by a dentist to ensure your comfort and safety.
If you suffer with severe allergies we recommend a patch test of products prior to your treatment. In some cases, other medical solutions may need to be used while having a cosmetic makeup tattoo procedure.

What will I look like and what can I expect after my treatment?
You can expect to experience some swelling and slight tenderness in the area of the tattoo immediately following your cosmetic makeup tattoo. 

In this case, we recommend the following:
On the day of your treatment, do not make social plans or do any energetic activity.
For two days after your treatment, do not wear eye make-up if you have had an eyeliner tattoo, and do not wear foundation over your eyebrow tattoo area.
After 48 hours, follow your post-procedure care instructions and enjoy your beautiful new look.Contact your practitioner if you have any concerns after this time.

New Treatment With Adjustment

Full Eyebrow $685
Hair Strokes $825
3/4 Eyebrow $620
Small Area in Brows $150 +
Top Eyeliner $685
Top Eyeliner with Thick Taper $605 +
Bottom Eyeliner $660
Bottom Eyeliner with Thick Taper $700
Lip Line $685
Lip Line & Blend $880
Part Lip Colour (for damaged lips & lip repair) $125 +
Full Lip $965
Beauty Spot $180

Refresh Colour/Retouch
12-17 Months no Adjustment

All Eyebrow Treatments $300 
All Eyeliner Treatments $300
Lip Line $300
Lip Line & Blend $495
Full Lip $580
Beauty Spot $100