Cosmetic Tattooing By Georgene

 What is permanent make-up?

Permanent makeup — also known as Cosmetic Makeup Tattoo or Cosmetic Tattooing — is becoming increasingly popular in our modern world. The rise in this kind of treatment has been mostly due to the fact that cosmetic tattooing allows people to enhance their individual features and look their best on a daily basis with a minimal amount of effort.

New Treatment With Adjustment

Full Eyebrow $685
Hair Strokes $825
3/4 Eyebrow $620
Small Area in Brows $150 +
Top Eyeliner $685
Top Eyeliner with Thick Taper $605 +
Bottom Eyeliner $660
Bottom Eyeliner with Thick Taper $700
Lip Line $685
Lip Line & Blend $880
Part Lip Colour (for damaged lips & lip repair) $125 +
Full Lip $965
Beauty Spot $180
 Refresh Colour/Retouch
12-17 Months no Adjustment

All Eyebrow Treatments $300 
All Eyeliner Treatments $300
Lip Line $300
Lip Line & Blend $495
Full Lip $580
Beauty Spot $100